Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Porcellan, is committed to achieving operational excellence and becoming one of the foremost players in the tile industry.


At Porcellan, we strive to fully utilize our production capacity and use advanced technology. We transform this into value for developers, distributors, homeowners and all customers through good quality, competitive pricing, product customization, flexibility, on-time delivery and reliability.


Square Meters

Total Factory Area

  • 5

    Pressers of Ph 6200 from Sacmi

  • 3

    Pressers of Ph 3800 from Sacmi

  • 4

    Chroma Machines from LB

  • 8

    Glazing Lines

  • 2

    Kilns of 218.4m from Sacmi

  • 2

    Kilns of 190.0m from Sacmi

  • 6

    Polishing Lines

  • 6

    Squaring Lines

  • 2

    Digital Printing Machines