Values & Objectives


  • Identify our CUSTOMERS' NEEDS: At Porcellan, we believe that customers don't only buy products. They buy good customer service and solutions to their problems and doubts. The more we put our hearts in the work to get closer to customers the more we understand their needs and meet their requirements.
  • Improve our COMMUNICATION system: In today's business environment, having the most advanced technology may no longer be adequate to guarantee a competitive advantage. With an effective communication system in place, we want to ensure ideas and thoughts are properly communicated both to employees as well as clients. It is even more important to give clients the chance to share information, suggestions and feedback by checking back regularly to see how things are going and providing a method that invites constructive criticism.
  • Promote a TEAMWORK culture: The team members at Porcellan work hand-in-hand to set strategies and goals, share ideas and resolve conflicts quickly. We believe that great things can happen if we work together as one unit.
  • TEAM = Together Everybody Achieves More
  • Respect the Nature where we live: The world is a beautiful place and we are committed to protecting the environment throughout our daily activities.


Our objectives act as a map to our success:

  • People: To maintain a healthy work environment where people are inspired to deliver desired outcomes to our customers
  • Partners: To strengthen our business relationship with our suppliers and customers
  • Product: To deliver standard and customized products
  • Price: To offer our customers competitive prices
  • Place: To have strong presence in more countries worldwide
  • Profit: To maximize long-term profits by expanding our sales network
  • Productivity: To fully utilize our production capacity
  • Passion: To put our heart in the work to get closer to customers and employees
  • Planet: To be always responsible towards the nature and the society

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